Monday, December 28, 2009

Anytime is 'Bear-Sundae' time!

It's so ironic that the next town up from us, here in Manitowoc, is Two Rivers...the home of the icecream sundae! So, in celebration of a new decade, I wanted to do something that would show my creative side of life! What better way, than paying homage to a childhood classic...the bear and the icecream sundae! That's how I came up with my newest design for serving up a bear in a brownie dish, topped with icecream, fudge and a marshiano cherry! And there you have it! Dessert is served! Yummy playfulness, to delight every age...young or young at heart.
My desire to feed my own apetite, has been wetting my whistle for something sweet. I am always looking for new recipes to, this being a favorite of mine was a 'sweet treat' in and of itself. It was a pleasure to create, and more so to share with all of you! Don't be shy, go ahead and grab a might want to dish up a little extra to share with someone you love this New Years! Resolution making?.....No fear here! Keep chocolate in your diet this year, and order one of my sugar-free Bear Sundaes....sure to make you hungry for the 'real one'!
I'm thinkin' 'bout makin' an apple bear crisp next? What do ya think of that?! Let me know what you're lookin' for....I love to here all your sugestions!

Monday, December 21, 2009

The 'Ultimate Brownie'!

Well here we are, 5 days before Christmas....and like you, I am frantically trying to get all my last minute gifts made up yet! Baking, crocheting, wrapping, cleaning.....sounds like a christmas song no one's quite put into words as of yet! LOL! the song of songs that gets re-written every year....always the 'last minutes'....they're the ones that bog us down....unable to breathe, think or function until they're absolutely done, wrapped and under the tree! Then, it's over-time for that much needed 'Christmas cheer'! Is it not?!

So, it was, that this year I attempted to make a few extras for an extra-special birth that came to us right before the holidays began....happy birthday Zachary Dale, the newest addition to our family....thank God for him!

Something special was definitely in order for his 'holiday debut'....and that was how the 'Ultimate Brownie' was made! This was a little somethin' I cooked up....a little cocoon with a matching monkey-hat, that was a little something extra for our newest little monkey...Zak! It'll keep him all bundled up, while he's a sleepin' away in his 'manger in the hay'! Of course, they do live in Florida, but it's so much fun to imagine how the new born savior would looked all swaddled up in this brown bundle of 'crocheted joy'! I pray that the warmth of this 'cocoonable-brownie' set will bring much needed comfort and peace to our little one as he sleeps, this coming Christmas day! It's the ultimate 'sweet-dream' gift, is it not?!
And so to all, I am sending my love to everyone this Christmas season....for an eternal peace of 'cocooned happiness'! 'Sweet Dreams' all!
If you'd love to make one of these cute little cocoons for your 'sweet-pea' this can get the pattern at: Enjoy looking at all her patterns there....she has a great heart... that I believe is worth sharing, with all those you love... today and everyday!
"Joy to the World.....the Lord has come... let earth recieve her KING!"

Sunday, December 13, 2009

The countdown to Christmas!

Creating fun, with imagination and childlike's crocheted 'milk & cookies' for Santa! What a treat it is, to suprise the ones you love with a little time, yarn and much creativity....for it is with all that we do, for those that we care to share our love with!

Hey all, we're in the last days of December, counting down to Christmas....but what is it that you're doing to make it so special? Are you working for yourself, others or God? Hmmm? It's not a hard question really, but it's one we struggle with. Are you feverishing shopping for that one last gift, or are you out ringing the bells for charity? Are you baking for others, and filling your days with the spirit of creativity? All is good, if it is in the effort to give of yourself to others today.

I, too, sit here... crocheting away, trying to accomplish my 'goals of giving' to all on my list....but what of the others, who aren't on that near and dear list to my heart? Have I forgotten about them, just because I can not do, only that, which I can get done today? No, I think not....for it is in prayer, throughout my day, that I can be giving to thoughts, wishes, dreams and aspirations to those others that I can't be with, or come to know at this time. I can be with them in spirit however, praying for them....their health, and many other concerns that they might have and/or be plagued with at this time.

So, it is....that as I sit here, doing what I can right now; I am also praying for all of you....and many more, that you might know the spirit of creativity today. For it is the spirit that keeps on giving, even after the Christmas holiday is over. The new year brings with it, a promise of hope and deliveration... won't you be apart of it's beginnning? Join with me I, too, join the many, who are also praying for peace in the new year, and 'goodwill' toward all men. A good beginning, starts with a more positive YOU....don't be deceived by things that are not of your own making, for God is the only one who can change the world as we know it....pray for change to come; know that Christ is the true meaning in 'your Christmas'....the light of the world that can never be extinguished, only ILLUMINATED! Light a candle today....and let the light shine brightly for all who need to a witness to those that are still in the dark, and keep creation alive 'IN YOU'!

Keep creating, keep's good to promote the spirit of creativity, especially when it comes from the heart!

'[For my concern is] that their hearts may be "braced (comforted, cheered, and encouraged) as they are KNIT TOGETHER IN LOVE, that they may come to have all the abounding wealth and blessings of assured conviction of understanding, and that they may become progressively more intimately acquainted with and thoroughly that mystic secret of God, [which is] Christ (the Anointed One).' -Colossians 2:2

Blessings, I'm to all..........Help to Keep 'Christ in Christmas'!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The first week of Christmas.....

My true love gave to me, 'A partriach in a pear tree'! Not really, I just love that song, and it's the first week of December, so let's pretend! I love to pretend, don't you? I mean, isn't that what being a kid is all about? The fact is, as we ladies 'age', we have a tendency to forget that we are able to still have 'FUN'! Why do we think we're supposed to just be a grown up, and not enjoy the good things in chocolates, and icecream.....well, I've been thinkin' it's time for all that grown-up non-sense to take a hike! 'A girl's gotta have some fun', and this girl's gonna put a little fun in my step, as I'm walkin' out the door today.....entre' vous 'The mini-cupcake wristlet' for all the keys, lip gloss, cellphone....and I'm out the door! If you're going out today, have a little fun.....why not? It's an expression of self, that keeps others guessing.....especially when your bright, bold and colorful in the mix.......And with cupcakes, being all the rage right now, you'll be a sure crowd pleaser!
From strawberry, to chocolate...and everything inbetween.....sprinkles included for extra sparkle and intrigue! Gotta have one in every color....these hot little numbers will make every girl (from 0-99) happy with 'cupcake delight'!
So don't wait to order....there's always a reason to gift someone you're thinkin' of. With any occassion.... Birthdays, holidays, or just 'love you' days, a wristlet is fun and 'kidilicious'! Get your groove on girl, and order one today......and have a little fun, with everything you do and wear!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Hey all, Happy Pre-Thanksgiving week! And thanks so much to one of our great crochet amigurumi pen pals that we have in Texas....we're lovin' our colorful turkey and all the fixin's that went along with it! We're so excited to make pumpkin pie this year from our fresh pumpkins we grew in our garden....they're the yummiest! We're in the process of changing out our closets and getting ready for the winter much to get rid of, I'm almost afraid to look! I've been working on Christmas gifts, galore! Lots of ideas swarmin' around in this head of bad I couldn't think it, and it would just appear! It'd be nice, wouldn't it?! LOL! Anyway, been thinkin' more and more about my little ami foodies' I've been makin' for all the 'little ones' in my life....and I love makin' em' so much, I've decided to branch out and make them available for everyone!

And so, it is....that 'Kid-I-Licious' is born! With lots more creations to come, I will be posting my newest design for all to view.....the 'mini-cupcake wristlet'! Just big enough for all your littlest needs! Big girls will appreciate them too! Check back and get more information as to the varieties and flavors you can choose from. In the meantime, hug your babies, and have a THANKFUL THANKSGIVING!