Friday, November 20, 2009

Hey all, Happy Pre-Thanksgiving week! And thanks so much to one of our great crochet amigurumi pen pals that we have in Texas....we're lovin' our colorful turkey and all the fixin's that went along with it! We're so excited to make pumpkin pie this year from our fresh pumpkins we grew in our garden....they're the yummiest! We're in the process of changing out our closets and getting ready for the winter much to get rid of, I'm almost afraid to look! I've been working on Christmas gifts, galore! Lots of ideas swarmin' around in this head of bad I couldn't think it, and it would just appear! It'd be nice, wouldn't it?! LOL! Anyway, been thinkin' more and more about my little ami foodies' I've been makin' for all the 'little ones' in my life....and I love makin' em' so much, I've decided to branch out and make them available for everyone!

And so, it is....that 'Kid-I-Licious' is born! With lots more creations to come, I will be posting my newest design for all to view.....the 'mini-cupcake wristlet'! Just big enough for all your littlest needs! Big girls will appreciate them too! Check back and get more information as to the varieties and flavors you can choose from. In the meantime, hug your babies, and have a THANKFUL THANKSGIVING!

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