Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sweeter Dreams....are blessings from above!

Here we are in Olivia's room. Right now, she shares it with her twin brother...Quirt. When we first moved here...2 -1/2 years ago...I couldn't wait to start painting their room. I chose a wall mural that cmae out of one of thier pooh book-sets they got as one of their baby shower gifts. We were renting at the time the twins came along...and I never was able to decorate the nursery the way I, low and behold, when it came time....mama got creative with my special talents! A room with a view...designed for my babies, with love and color!

It was beautiful and refreshing....and they loved it, like they were part of the book itself...but now, I'm getting ready to change it all something a bit more princessy now that they are getting their own rooms. Quirt is going in the room next door, which is getting a makeover, Olivia in all her girlish wonderment, now thinks...she needs a new 're-do' as well! So, from Pooh to Princess Frog...the magic is getting ready to be transformed from Pooh's forest friends into the Mystical swamp land of the New Orlean's bayou! LOL! I never thought there'd come a day...when my life would become so ILLUMINATED!

If these walls could talk, from here on out...I can ONLY IMAGINE the transformations to come!

And Quirt? Well, that's a whole different room! Bright, bold and beautiful...just like the character he is! My little-locomotive, fast and ferious kind of guy that he 'truely' is! One 'BIG' & "BOLD" room is getting ready to be added next foor to this one....and CHANGE is in the wind! One Monster truck load at a time! mind is racing already!

So.....Stayed tuned!.....more's yet to be...REVEALED!

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  1. You are so talented! Can't wait to see the rooms when they are finihsed.. Beautiful children too! You are blessed :)