Friday, May 7, 2010

'Froggy Wishes' for my sweet-little Olivia

I've been toying around with the whole 'Princess Frog' concept of designing a new ami for my little Olivia! She loves the princess we got her the sheet set for Christmas...which in turn got me thinkin' about the theme of her room in general. What could I do to make it more personalized for her...not just the same old marketing stuff you'd find at the store...but something different and special, like my Olivia!

Well, right off the bat, I thought...I need to crochet a few cool pieces to compliment her bed set....anyone looked lately? I wasn't findin' a thing out there for the 'Princess Frog'. So, I thought....Okay, I'll reconstruct my own then. Well, I started on it....was making great progress, and then boom...I got sick and had to scrap the project for a while. Well, now here we are....a couple months later now, and I'm getting ready to repaint my daughters room...a fresh new fun color and decided to go off of what I started with originally....Purples, greens, and variations of water, sky and lily pads! And so, the 'Princess Frog' project has been revived!

I hope you'll follow me in our newest adventure...of taking Olivia into the land of mystical, magical princess-ship! She's always been a princess, since, why not treat her to a room full of fantasy...where we are allowed to dream in our very own be able to bloom and grow where we are the privacy of our own living quarters...resting in a beautifully inspired room of dream-filled fantasies...full of frogs and wishes...that really can come true...if you believe it, into the fullness of your everyday life!

We welcome join in our magical journey, to a world of rythym & blues, love & laughter, while we enjoy making magic with color and our very own imagination....with dreams of green, purple and blue...on a endless river of winding-wonder!

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  1. Ok, I am incredibly jealous of your talent.. LOL