Thursday, April 8, 2010

Happy spring all! I finally got my pictures downloaded with my all new 'Egg-r-animals' to share with ya'll...

I started with a basic circle base, and ended up with nothing more than a simple egg shape; but the added features were the toppings on my littlest of Easter treats! A bunny, a duck and a big ol' bullfrog, that I designed especially for my sister; who recently had sinus surgery...just wanted to lift her spirits a little here! So out popped my little 'bullforg...benny'! Isn't he just so cute?! How could you resist the urge to fall in love with this mug?! He's bloated and beautiful...makes ya wanna take him home for dinner and make him some good ol' fashioned chicken soup for the soul, til' he's nursed back to perfect health!
They were a fun little project to experiment with...I've got a few more 'egg-r-animals' I'd like to add to this set yet...but for now, with Easter being over...I'm on to spring cleaning already!
And since I've got lots of lily cotton left in my bucket...I'm going to keep workin' on dishcloths, and swiffer shrugs! We gotta a new addition to our family this spring as well; a three-legged red merle healer we named Qunicy....but he's so hairy, we affectionately call him "Hairy Potter"! So, because of all the extra hair, my swiffer is working over-time these days! With the cost of everything going up, up, up...I thought it only fitting to cut some costs, and save the environment for yet another day! And so it goes...the 'hairy saga' begins; hehehe!
Stay tuned for scenes to come! Enjoy your day, like it's your matter the outcome! Blessings to all........

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