Monday, April 5, 2010

Spring has finally sprung!

Wow! What a winter, and then some! If it could of happened, it did! From Thanksgiving on, it seems, I literally had no control over any which part of my own life...period! My girlfirend and her twins moved in with us Thanksgiving weekend, and now here we are...4 months later and it's Easter, with no end in site! It's been rough for sure...2 sets of twins, under the age of 4 running around rampet in my house; it's like I have a mini-daycare situation going on here that I never signed up for! I never wanted to be the next 'Jon & Kate plus 8' saga! I just simply wanted to help out a friend in need.
What I got, was a lot more than what I bargained for, and that's no lie! by Christmas, going into the new year, I was put on medication for all the added stress, that soon developed into a 'heart-problem' due to a bad reaction to the drug. Unaware of all that was taking place, I honestly thought I was really..100%, losing my mind! Thank God for prayer, and the ongoing care of good friends, who pointed me in the right stay with the 'living', of course!
And so it was, that my overall creativity level came to a crashing hault! I was able to put a few 'one-of-kinds' together to share with yas....but not many! And to say the least, it has taken a tole on my loving family as well!
My twins turned 4 last Wednesday....what a moment in history for me! Four years ago, if asked...'where would you be in the next 4 years?', I would never have guessed all this! They're the brightest little lights in my life I could ever expect to see on a daily basis! they keep me 'up, down and all-around' every minute of my 'kid-i-licious' life; and I'm lovin' every minute of it!
When asked if I'd like to turn back time, I replied....'not on your life, or anyone elses', ever! And so it is, 'the life of one boy & one girl, til' death do us part'! And 'oh, how sweet it is'! My little obsession with food, and all that it has to offer us in the way of nutrition and fun, has just grown some more! I love making these cute little vegies and fruits to encourage my 'little ones' to eat 'good-treats', mixed with lots of love from the's where I love to be and grow with them....through the exploration that makes all things 'yummy' in our life!
With the warmer weather now, I am thinking cooking of all kinds....salads of each and every well as grilling out! Oh, how I love to eat the picnic table; and, as well, do my kids! It's just pure 'un-adulterated fun'....time, just escapes us when we're in the great outdoors, don't ya think? Free fun, that can't be obtained any other way, than to witness it first-hand...under a beautiful blanket of fluffy clouds, in a powder blue sky, full of sunkissed warmth on a perfect spring day! Easter, was a sure corwd pleaser at our house this year...full of balloons and presents galore...and food, everywhere! It was like our own little holiday, out-side of all the Easter marketing of candy and eggs...a very happy 'resurrection' celebration indeed!
So, here we are...the day after Easter....coming down from all it's glory, but not without a smile on our face, and love to share with all who seek it's 'spring has finally sprung' slendor! I think it's going to be a great April, full of wonderful showers of continuous gifts of many colors! It'll be sure to keep us coming back for more, especially in May....pretty flowers, tea with mom, and lots of new 'garden wonders'! What's not to love?! all expense paid trip to 'Disney's Wild Kingdom' would be great, right about now! Keep dreamin', kid-i-lious thoughts of fun and surprise await us all, if we 'hope for it' long enough!
Keep on shinin', and don't let life beat ya up to badly...'cause no matter what, 'you matter' to me & Jesus! Enjoy your 'kid-i-licious day'!
Happy Easter to all!

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