Monday, December 28, 2009

Anytime is 'Bear-Sundae' time!

It's so ironic that the next town up from us, here in Manitowoc, is Two Rivers...the home of the icecream sundae! So, in celebration of a new decade, I wanted to do something that would show my creative side of life! What better way, than paying homage to a childhood classic...the bear and the icecream sundae! That's how I came up with my newest design for serving up a bear in a brownie dish, topped with icecream, fudge and a marshiano cherry! And there you have it! Dessert is served! Yummy playfulness, to delight every age...young or young at heart.
My desire to feed my own apetite, has been wetting my whistle for something sweet. I am always looking for new recipes to, this being a favorite of mine was a 'sweet treat' in and of itself. It was a pleasure to create, and more so to share with all of you! Don't be shy, go ahead and grab a might want to dish up a little extra to share with someone you love this New Years! Resolution making?.....No fear here! Keep chocolate in your diet this year, and order one of my sugar-free Bear Sundaes....sure to make you hungry for the 'real one'!
I'm thinkin' 'bout makin' an apple bear crisp next? What do ya think of that?! Let me know what you're lookin' for....I love to here all your sugestions!

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