Monday, December 21, 2009

The 'Ultimate Brownie'!

Well here we are, 5 days before Christmas....and like you, I am frantically trying to get all my last minute gifts made up yet! Baking, crocheting, wrapping, cleaning.....sounds like a christmas song no one's quite put into words as of yet! LOL! the song of songs that gets re-written every year....always the 'last minutes'....they're the ones that bog us down....unable to breathe, think or function until they're absolutely done, wrapped and under the tree! Then, it's over-time for that much needed 'Christmas cheer'! Is it not?!

So, it was, that this year I attempted to make a few extras for an extra-special birth that came to us right before the holidays began....happy birthday Zachary Dale, the newest addition to our family....thank God for him!

Something special was definitely in order for his 'holiday debut'....and that was how the 'Ultimate Brownie' was made! This was a little somethin' I cooked up....a little cocoon with a matching monkey-hat, that was a little something extra for our newest little monkey...Zak! It'll keep him all bundled up, while he's a sleepin' away in his 'manger in the hay'! Of course, they do live in Florida, but it's so much fun to imagine how the new born savior would looked all swaddled up in this brown bundle of 'crocheted joy'! I pray that the warmth of this 'cocoonable-brownie' set will bring much needed comfort and peace to our little one as he sleeps, this coming Christmas day! It's the ultimate 'sweet-dream' gift, is it not?!
And so to all, I am sending my love to everyone this Christmas season....for an eternal peace of 'cocooned happiness'! 'Sweet Dreams' all!
If you'd love to make one of these cute little cocoons for your 'sweet-pea' this can get the pattern at: Enjoy looking at all her patterns there....she has a great heart... that I believe is worth sharing, with all those you love... today and everyday!
"Joy to the World.....the Lord has come... let earth recieve her KING!"

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